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2012-11-12 15:32:24
Insiprational Thought

'Don't let others define you. Don't let the past confine you. Take charge of your life with confidence and determination and there are no limits on what you can do or be.'

Michael Josephson Author and Ethicist

Confidence and determination are learned behaviors that only a few will take the time to acquire. Since we are not born with these characteristics, it is important to realize that even though everyone has the ability to aquire them, one of the biggest obstacles is the people with whom we choose to spend our time. The higher we go up the ladder, the more criticism and ridicule we might encounter from those around us. This causes many to abort their ascent to avoid the negative comments and actions they encounter, thereby allowing others to define them. This behavior insures that an inspired life will not be enjoyed as ridicule, criticism and pettiness all must be endured to build a life of progress and growth. You have within you all that is needed to live a life beyond your dreams, there are no limits to what you can achieve if you will simply ignore those circumstances and people who try to define you.
Helping People live Inspired Lives!!!

Courtesy of John Harr, Jr./Broker Mountain Land Realty

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